Jakeem Grant has been in the NFL since 2016, but despite several flashes last year, he hasn't had a ton of opportunity to prove himself. With the Miami Dolphins heading into 2018 coming off of a disappointing 2017, there are a lot of questions to be answered.

Jakeem Grant is trying his hardest to answer the, 'Who is going to be the play maker in 2018?' question.

He's answering that question by doing things like this in practice:

Also he's proving he is the deep threat he's always been:

Drops have been an issue for Grant and have hindered consistent playing time, but if he can continue to make plays like this during training camp and practice he will see his playing time increase. He also has a new mentor in Miami to help him learn how to be a better pro and turn into a productive NFL wide receiver instead of just a punt return guy. You might know him: Danny Amendola.

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