In recent memory, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo perfected this route and throw combo. Any time the Red Raiders needed 25 yards, Dez would run straight down the field and Romo would put it on top of the defender's head and Dez would go grab the ball. Randy Moss was the king of 50/50 balls.

Julio Jones and AJ Green are great at it right now.

All of those receivers are over six feet tall. I know this gets mentioned in every Jakeem Grant article, but the fact he's as short as he is and he can do things like jump over a defender to catch a ball is amazing.

This isn't a catch that can become Jakeem's bread and butter, but it does prove he has a lot more to offer than anyone (outside of Lubbock) knows yet. Here's to hoping Jakeem Grant gets ample playing time from here on out in 2017.

Jakeem Grant finished Monday night with two catches for 42 yards, a punt return and a kickoff return.


    Jakeem Grant's Insane 100-Yard Kickoff Return

    Texas Tech vs OSU, 2015
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