Shane Dawson may have attempted to take us inside the mind of YouTube personality Jake Paul in his latest series, but a lawsuit launched by Max Goodrich is taking us even further into the web streaming star's ongoing shenanigans.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Goodrich, a former friend of Paul's, is reportedly suing the influencer and infamous prankster for forgery.

In the suit, Goodrich claims that Paul, who he considered moving in together with, forged his name on the lease of a former rental property, utilizing Goodrich's high credit score to his advantage after Goodrich initially backed out of their joint housing plans a few years back.

What's worse is Goodrich's credit was eventually put at risk after Paul allegedly trashed the rental in 2016. The homeowners are suing both Paul and Goodrich to the tune of $2.5 million for leaving the place in shambles following the YouTuber's year-and-a-half lease.

Goodrich is now suing Paul for fraud.

In July, Paul and his "Team 10" posse were sued for trashing a rental home in Aspen after renting the place out for Paul's 21st birthday back in January.

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