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At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of Louisiana, there's an underwater lake that kills anything that tries to enter it. This briny fish graveyard is known as the Jacuzzi of Despair.

The deadly body of water measures around 100 feet in circumference and is around 12 feet deep. The water that settled into the "jacuzzi" is five times saltier than the ocean water around it. This means that anything that makes its way into this lake is effectively pickled.

Other than death by pickling, the water is full of toxic chemicals including methane and hydrogen sulfide. The mix of chemicals paired with the lack of oxygen makes it impossible for any living creature to survive, hence the name Jacuzzi of Despair.

Despite nothing being able to survive a dip into the toxic brine, there are a handful of animals that like to live life on the edge. That edge being just outside of this deadly jacuzzi.

Along the rim of the lake there are mussels that have a special symbiotic relationship that helps them survive. A certain type of bacteria lives on the mussel’s gills, dissolving the gases seeping out of the toxic water and making energy for the shellfish.

Other than the mussels living around the jacuzzi, you can find the occasional crab or shrimp hanging around. However, if they make one misstep or get a little too curious, they're as good as gone.

If you want to learn more about the Jacuzzi of Despair, check out this video that better explains how it formed.

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