When is Spotify Wrapped 2022 getting released?

At midnight today (Nov. 28), Spotify officially launched its hashtag emoji on Twitter for this year's Spotify Wrapped rollout. The tiny graphic that appears when a user types Spotify Wrapped with a hashtag features a yellow, purple and orange present of the Spotify logo.

"Want to be the first to know when #SpotifyWrapped is here? [Heart emoji] this tweet and we'll remind you!" the tweet read.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify's Wrapped campaign is an annual report individually delivered to each user of the app that details their listening habits over the last year. Stats include users' most-listened artists, songs and podcasts, as well as more specific data such as how many hours you spent listening to content on Spotify since Jan. 1.

The platform's transparency with users' personal statistics has turned Wrapped into an annually viral moment for the brand. While other streaming platforms such as Apple Music have attempted to replicate the response Spotify receives, no other brand has been able to amass the seemingly increasing amount of attention Spotify garners every year.

It has been rumored that Spotify's tracking period for Wrapped begins on Jan. 1 of every year and ends on Halloween, Oct. 31. There was some confusion this year, however, when Spotify replied to the Twitter blog PopCrave in a since-deleted tweet that alluded to the tracking period extending past the 31st. It remains unconfirmed exactly when the start and end dates for Wrapped are.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2022 getting released?

As of now, there remains to be an official date for the release of 2022 Wrapped. Historically, however, the moment is usually rolled out near the end of November or beginning of December. With Spotify launching their official 2022 hashtag on Twitter, along with a tune-in post, it can be assumed that Wrapped will be coming sooner rather than later. Perhaps even as early as today or tomorrow (Nov. 29).

The platform teased 2022 Wrapped with a tweet on Nov. 22.

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