Drake's comment in a documentary where he said that 2020 may have been the hardest year in human history due to the coronavirus pandemic have left some people confused.

On Thursday (Sep. 1), a brief clip from the Prime Video documentary, Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, popped up on social media, which featured Drake talking about Lil Baby's meteoric rise to rap stardom even through the pandemic. Drizzy then suggested that 2020 was the toughest time for people to get through in human history.

"The hardest year maybe in human history that we have ever been through?" Drake pondered. "Forget music, just as a people, like, the hardest time to ever connect with people, relate to people was clearly...," he added before the video cuts off.

Drake's remarks left some of his fans confused and they went on Twitter to give their opinion. Some folks disagreed with Drizzy and offered that slavery was the hardest year(s) ever in human history. Other people opined that it couldn't be the hardest year ever for music because Drake and other rappers were going platinum during the pandemic.

"Drake said the pandemic was the hardest year in human history. Sir, our ancestors drowned themselves to avoid being taken as slaves," tweeted one person.

Another commenter typed, "In the Lil Baby Documentary, Drake said lock down was one of the hardest times for the human race. Please keep in mind this man is a BLACK JEW and he is saying LOCKDOWN was the hardest time for humans...not the holocaust, not even slavery, lock down."

To be fair, the music industry was at a standstill as touring was completely shut down as record labels had to adapt to quarantining and social distancing during the pandemic. But, of course, none of that even compares to the human atrocities that occurred during slavery.

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