Oh. My. Gawd!

The streets in this neighborhood in Taylor, Texas will make you feel like you've entered Central Perk! This neighborhood just outside of Austin is going viral because the streets are named after "Friends" references.

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Friends is the iconic sitcom that introduced the world to Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel? The show also introduced the world to many iconic lines like "how YOU doin'?" and, of course, "pivot!".

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While many fans of the show are still arguing about whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break, someone at this neighborhoods developers took their love of the show one step further! There's an entire neighborhood with direct references from the show and any casual "Friends" fan will instantly recognize them!

For some of us, like me, who didn't really watch the show from start to finish (I'm much more of a "How I Met Your Mother" fan) the "Onna" and "Break" took me awhile to get- but I got it! Maybe the neighborhood developer is on team "they WERE on a break".

I do love that they named some of them after characters like Gunther- the Central Perk worker who had an unrequited love for Rachel. And there's also a "Marcel Court"- Marcel, of course, was Ross' monkey!

And it wouldn't be a complete "Friends" reference without Janice! Janice has her own street as well as "Yemen"- if only there was a 15 Yemen Road!

If you're not a "Friends" fan, then you can always visit Winterfell, and this "Game of Thrones" neighborhood!

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