If you plan to cruise through Texas, when it comes time to stop for the night, don't stop in these places.

Three cities in Texas made a recent "worst of" list as far as hotel stays go.

Here are the cities, according to planetware.com, that you should just drive on through.

The first Texas city on the list, came in at #5.

South Padre Island is beautiful and there is a lot to do there including walking along one of the world's longest beaches.

The hotel service though, it appears, is not so great.

South Texas Begins Recovery From Hurricane Dolly
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Next up, tied at #6 with Memphis and Tampa Bay, is San Antonio.

The River Walk is pretty cool and you can feel the history wandering around the Alamo. You can even see the world's largest cowboy boots while you're there.

Just, again, consider staying the night elsewhere.

San Antonio Remembers The Fall Of The Alamo
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Finally, Galveston gets the #15 spot.

Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico, you have a beautiful beach, thriving night life and loads of fun stuff to do like, (for now), visiting the Battleship Texas.

Might want to consider booking your hotel room in Houston though.

Tropical Storm Nicholas Brings Heavy Rains To Texas
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How did planetware.com rank the hotels on their list?

Our team recently analyzed nearly 8 million hotel reviews on TripAdvisor to determine which U.S. cities have the worst hotels. The reviews come from more than 9,000 hotels across 95 U.S. cities. Cities with the highest percentage of bad reviews (1- or 2-stars out of five) are dubbed the worst. - planetware.com

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