Traveling at 75 miles an hour, without stopping, it will take you about 11 hours to drive this highway from end to end. Texas is big. Like we don't already know that, so, naturally, we have a lot of roads. All the Texas roadways, add up to about 683,533 miles of paved driving surfaces across the lone star state.

The longest highway in Texas almost equals the distance across the entire state from north to south, 880 miles give or take a few. From east to west, the total "straight line" miles come to 773.

U.S. 83, which runs from the Oklahoma state line to the Mexican border at Brownsville, has a total length of 783.5 miles. At a constant 75 mph, with no stops or slowdowns, the time it would take to drive it from beginning to end would be 10 hours, 44 minutes.

Forget not stopping or slowing down though, you're totally going to need a few gas and rest stops on that "mega" cruise. The longest interstate highway in Texas is the stretch of I-10 that runs east to west across the state. We have about 45 miles worth of I-10 here in El Paso as well as the shortest interstate in Texas.

I-10 is about 2500 miles long in total, with almost 900 miles of it in Texas alone. The whole route stretches from Jacksonville, Florida to Santa Monica, California.

Outside of Texas, U. S. 83 runs across the entire country and extends into Canada, joining both the northern and southern borders of the United States.

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