Well, sometimes even the animals in Texas are looking to throw hands!

It's no secret that even animals, much like humans sometimes, aren't fond of one another. The anger one feels towards another individual could result in a fight breaking out, as we've seen multiple times on social media. We've all seen a fight video from Austin, Texas on Tik Tok, admit it.

But, when animals fight, it's rather scary. Mainly because the person filming it could be in harm's way. However, today, the animals we're looking at are a little bit smaller than say a lion or an elephant.

Rather, an armadillo and raccoon came to a crossroads, the winner might actually surprise you.

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To Denton County, Texas We Go For The Bout!

So this showdown of titans took place under the cover of night, where some individuals may have not seen it. So the two animals spotted each other, and the stage was set. So, who won?

Let's watch the tape to find out:

Well, honestly, there wasn't much of a fight to say the least, but...the armadillo definitely held it's ground! It didn't even wait for the raccoon to make a move, it's struck first by jumping at the raccoon.

Not only that, the raccoon gave up almost instantly! It ran away from the armadillo many times, almost to the point that we're not sure the raccoon was actually able to get away.

Moral of the story? Probably not the best idea to mess will an armadilo!

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