Everyone is gearing up for the 2024 solar eclipse, and that includes the internet. Naturally, Twitter/X is full of eclipse memes.

The total solar eclipse is set to arc across Mexico, 15 states in the U.S., and eastern Canada, per NBC News.

According to AP, the eclipse's totality will last for approximately four minutes.

Still, others will be able to see the partial eclipse in all its glory and many schools and jobs canceled their day to let people enjoy the phenomenon.

Many people are even throwing eclipse-watching parties (unfortunately, not the kind with Edward and Bella).

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To view the solar eclipse, it's important to wear protective glasses, but not everyone was able to nab a pair.

One person joked on Twitter/X that they are going to "burn their retinas" while "blissfully staring at the sun" because they failed to snag eclipse glasses.

The person used a hilarious clip of Carrie admiring the Eiffel Tower from Sex and the City to illustrate their point.

Someone else tweeted a clip of Phoebe Buffay screaming "My eyes!" on Friends to joke about viewing the eclipse sans glasses.

Another person used some iconic photos of the Golden Girls to remind people that wearing eclipse glasses is important.

Others took the opportunity to make copious amounts of Twilight jokes since the third movie and book in the franchise is titled Eclipse.

Many people ran with the joke about "spoiling the eclipse" by revealing that "Bella chooses Edward."

And one person took it a step further by saying that if you look directly into the eclipse, you'll spot a glittering Edward Cullen in all his vampire glory.

A fan of K-pop group BTS – also known as an ARMY – joked that the eclipse marks the only time in history that fans shouldn't look directly at members J-Hope and Jin because the two are often nicknamed the sun and the moon by fans.

See more hilarious 2024 solar eclipse memes, below:

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