It's March and that means lots of things are happening like St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and March Madness. Texas Tech Athletics wants everyone to watch as the Red Raiders face off against North Carolina in their first game of March Madness.

Texas Tech Athletics will be hosting a watch party on Thursday night at GolfSuites, formerly 4ORE Golf, located at 6909 Marsha Sharp Freeway. Texas Tech Mens Basketball is currently the No. 6 seed and will go head-to-head with No. 11 seed, the University of North Carolina.

The party will be airing the game on their many televisions across the facility so that all Texas Tech fans can cheer on the Red Raiders while they go up against the North Carolina Wolves. The Texas Tech versus the University of North Carolina game will be streamed from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania at the PPG Paints Arena and the party will officially start at 8:40 p.m. on Thursday, March 21.

Texas Tech Athletics understands that the game will be a little late for some people and has that covered for those that might be a little late to their Friday commitments. The get out of responsibility sheet that Texas Tech Athletics posted to social media is very funny and is no one going to work to get you out of what you have to do Friday. You can give it a try though and see if the laughs will give you a pass to walk in a little late to work or that doctors appointment you have been putting off.

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