Look, we've all been there. You go out and enjoy an evening and come back to find you forgot to lock your back gate and your pet kangaroo escaped. Classic situation.

Well, this homeowner in Lufkin, TX did just that. It took the Lufkin PD with multiple cruisers to track down this fluffy fella from the 'land down undah'.

Lufkin Police Department
Lufkin Police Department

If you're thinking, like me, how one can casually own and maintain this massive marsupial, then enjoy these kangaroo diet and behavior tid-bits for any would-be owners.

Hoppin' facts of Kangaroo Jack

Having a proper living environment and adequate diets, a kangaroo can live over 20 years in captivity.

According to a care guide from Jandaexotics.com, adult male kangaroos can grow to over 6 feet in length, from tail to head, and weigh anywhere around 200 lbs. Don't worry, females only reach about half that size.

Photo by Max Nüstedt on Unsplash
Photo by Max Nüstedt on Unsplash

Kangaroos are also highly social and outgoing creatures who love to explore and hop around (that explains the little Sunday stroll in Lufkin).

Kangaroos also need access outside to run and jump and... be a kangaroo. With top speeds of 50 miles an hour and jumping heights of over 4 feet, a tall fence is an absolute requirement if you are looking to own.

Kangaroos are actually one of many legal animals to have as exotic pets in Texas.

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