Heritage Auctions is a company that offers live bidding through auctions across the country in categories like arts and antiques, comic books and animation, and, especially, vintage toys.

So, I ask: Star Wars or Star Trek? The age-old question that we still use to categorize people to this day. Something we often forget is the marketing that went in to these entertainment giants back in the day.

Heritage Auction recently made history by selling a Star Wars toy at an auction in Dallas, TX for, deep breath, $525,000. Half of a million for a toy that you're just going to have sit on a shelf and collect dust!

It turns out this isn't just any old Star Wars toy. The reason for the hefty price tag is the fact that this is one of only two surviving hand-painted Boba Fett action figures that was discontinued in the late '70s.

For those curious, this is the character in question:

Photo by Sean Ferigan on Unsplash
Photo by Sean Ferigan on Unsplash

The manufacturer, Kenner, pulled this toy from production in 1979 after complaints that the rocket projectile on the figure's back posed a severe choking hazard to small children.

You see, this is the second Star Wars toy to break records, as the previous title-holder for the most expensive Star Wars toy went to another Boba Fett back in 2022 for a measly $236,000.

This current Boba Fett also wrested the title of most expensive toy sold at an auction by surpassing a "one-of-a-kind, 1-carat-diamond-wearing Barbie sold for $302,000" from 2010, according to Heritage Auction.

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