For those of you who don't know, back in the '80s, the small Texas town of Lajitas was so bored one day that they decided to install a goat as mayor...

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Not many mayors will flaunt that they can down a bottle of beer, even fewer who'll eat the bottle right after.

This is the case for the beer-drinking, four-hooved former Mayor of Lajitas, TX, Clay Henry.

In order to keep the monarchy bloodline pure, the title of Mayor has been transferred from son to son until now, where the current Mayor is Clay Henry IV, the great-great grandson (I think).

The biggest mystery of them all? It's not even proven that every Clay Henry is related!

All that aside, this whole fiasco started because a man from Houston decided to be Mayor of Lajitas in 1986, but there was a Lajitas-native by the name of Bill Ivey who felt, after living in the town for generations, that his pet goat would better lead as Mayor.

In true Shakespearean fashion, the history of each Clay Henry taking the mantle is steeped in drama and tragedy. Take, for example, the first of his name. Clay Henry, a simple goat who was thrust into the political sphere through no desire of his own.

In a devastating case of patricide, Clay's very own son ended up being his demise following a brawl over a goatette (definitely proper term for female goat).

Clay Henry III also saw his fair share of tragedy, as his penchant for the sauce, along with other stresses that the office brought, caused him to step down and relinquish his title to the current Mayor, Clay Henry IV.

This is all well and good, but why haven't we heard anything about Lajitas' current Mayor? Does he share his grandfather's passion for women and booze? Does he have enough pellets for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

These are the questions we should be asking during election season, people.

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