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Whether you are in the market for one of, if not the, most expensive home for sale in Texas according to Zillow or you just like to dream and look at pictures of amazing homes, The Lodge at Hunters Creek is a must see.

While it's called The Lodge at Hunters Creek, I see it as more of a modern, enchanted castle that makes you forget you are in Houston. This 22,000 square ft. home sits on 9-acres of land and is on a peninsula surrounded by a flowing bayou. The landscaping is amazing and lush and it could be yours for $65 million dollars.

On the property is a 24 hour guard house for security. The main house boasts six "grand en-suite" bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The home was built in 2005 and is amazing. It has dining areas, a huge kitchen, numerous entertaining areas, five custom garages, a flex court, wine cellar, two pools, and even a glass elevator. Oh and of course an outdoor kitchen.

And if you have guests visit, the property comes with a two bedroom guest lodge.

Every detail of this home has been thought about. From the floors to ceilings, woodwork to lighting. The details are amazing and fantastic. This is a home and property that you have to see. Check it out the pictures below.

For more information on the listing. contact Billy Dolan at 214-369-6000. See the listing on Zillow here.

This Is The Most Expensive House For Sale In Texas Right Now

The most expensive house for sale in Texas right now is listed in Houston. And the home is absolutely amazing. In fact, it is more like a modern enchanting castle. It's been called The Lodge at Hunters Creek. The 22,000 sq. ft. home sits on 9 acres of land and has 8 bedrooms and 12 baths. It comes with a guard house, a two bedroom guest lodge, two pools, a flex court, outdoor kitchen, glass elevator, and so much more. Check out the pictures below. It's home you have to see. And it could be yours for $65 million dollars. For more information on the listing, contact Billy Dolan at 214-369-6000

This Resort-Style Home In Lubbock Has It All

How would you like to live in a home that feels like your own resort? This home in Lubbock comes with a heated pool, customized lighting, amazing landscaping, a deck overlooking the neighborhood, and a man-cave. Contact Linda Gaither and Emily Ratcliff at WestMark Companies for more information at 806-441-6000

This Is The Cheapest House For Sale In Texas Right Now

Who says you have to pay $250k plus for a house? You could spend a lot less, but spend more time renovating a home that is older and not in great shape. Which brings us to this home located in Clarksville, Texas. According to Zillow, it is the cheapest house for sale in Texas. But it's not ready for anyone to move in. It's going to need renovating... at least. But hey, right now this is the cheapest home for sale in Texas. For more information contact Edward Mcclintick at Joseph Walter Realty, LLC at 248-294-7850.



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