It's getting to be that time of year. Temperatures on the rise, schools and classes getting out soon, and Texans will be hitting the road to travel. It's also when the pools open back up and Texans can cool down on a hot summer day.

Across Texas there are many water parks, public and private pools, swimming holes, and of course lakes and rivers to jump into in order to cool off. When it comes swimming pools, you don't really see many across the state that are really old. And even fewer that people would consider historic, but in Austin, Texas, you can jump into one of the most historic and unique pools in the state.

The Oldest Pool In Texas Is Deep Eddy Pool in Austin

Deep Eddy began as a natural swimming hole in the Colorado River and in 1915, the land was sold to A.J Eilers who expanded Deep Eddy and built a concrete swimming pool which opened in the summer of 1916. A wooden bathhouse was also built and at the time the property was known as the Deep Eddy Bathing Beach. It also featured a Ferris wheel, a 70-foot slide and a forty-foot diving tower.

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In May of 1935, the city of Austin purchased the property for $10,000. After a massive flood the property had to pretty much be rebuilt. The Works Progress Administration along with the city of Austin funded the building of a new bathhouse which opened in July of 1936.

Deep Eddy has gone through a lot of changes including separating the western part of the land that became a park and playground named after A.J. Eilers.

According to the City of Austin, both pools are fed by natural springs. In total, the pool which is dividing into two sections, holds 600,000 gallons of water. Because the pool is spring-fed, chlorine is not used and water temperatures range from 68 degrees to 75 degrees.

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So the next time you are in the Austin area, stop by the oldest pool in Texas.

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