What events in Texas history are mentioned most? By far, the Alamo (remember?) and, in my opinion, the Battle of San Jacinto.

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Now, why is San Jacinto so popular that even the great George Strait and The Highwaymen themselves sing about it? I mean, we even have a national day commemorating the great battle on April 21. Well, let's take a look at some fun Texas history. Yay!

Texas before it was... Texas

Before mid-1836, Texas was still a part of Mexico, so although settlers were sprouting here and there in good pace along the Galveston coast and other spots in the land, there was still a discontent surrounding the new landowners.

Well, these settlers, both Anglo-Americans and Tejanos, were a little upset with the way things were run by Mexico's dictatorial President, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and they decided to rebel.

By 1835, armed rebels drove out the Mexican army and, surprise, Santa Anna didn't like that at all. The Mexican President marched his soldiers north to reclaim the rebelling Texas, sparking the Texas Revolution.

The Battle of San Jacinto

The ensuing clashes finally came to an end along the San Jacinto River, thanks to General Sam Houston and his sneaky rebel army following their retreat from the Alamo. Houston split his army into three forces in hopes of a surprise attack on Santa Anna's men. During this short assault on April 21, 1836, the Texans infamously chanted "Remember the Alamo" as they pounced on Santa Anna's distracted numbers.

President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was defeated; the Republic of Texas was free at last (joining the Union as the 28th state nearly 10 years later). This was all thanks to the bravery of General Sam Houston and his loyal Texas army.

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