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The self-serve soda station is something we are used to seeing when walking into a fast food restaurant. But times are changing, and so are fast food restaurants. According to Click2Houston, McDonald's has confirmed that soda stations will soon become a thing of the past inside their stores.

McDonald's says it will be transitioning away from self-serve soda stations in dining rooms across the United States and hopes to have this done by 2032. McDonald's is doing this so that customers experience a "consistent experience for both workers and their customers at all ordering points".

In other words, you will soon be handed a drink and your food by someone instead of you going and getting your own drink. NBC also reported that theft and the decline in dine-in customers is leading to the change.

“The crew pour system — which actually will use automated beverage systems to mechanically fill drink orders — minimizes human contact,” reported the State-Journal. “Crew pour also eliminates theft and emphasizes the brand’s new focus on creating a more relaxed dine-in experience complete with servers delivering meals to the table.”

Servers? At McDonald's? Yeah, we will see how that goes.

I think the main cause of this is the decline of dine-in customers and the rise of the McDonald's app. In the future, don't be surprised to see fast food restaurants look a lot like some of the new coffee shops we have. Meaning, very few if any tables inside and the business is almost completely a drive thru and food delivery service.

ALERT! These Texas Kids Went Missing In August

Please look at these pictures from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and see if you recognize any of these kids. The kids in the pictures below are all from Texas and went missing in August. Let's bring them home!

Historic Lubbock Home, Restored And Updated, Now For Sale

You could own a piece of Lubbock's history as this Historic Landmark home located on 19th Street is now for sale. This Georgian Revival home is located across from Texas Tech University and is 6,008 square feet. It's a beautiful home with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths and the home has been restored and updated by owners who inherited it. This home is part of Lubbock's history, and it could be your future. For more information contact Aubrey Hines at 806-559-0869.

This Is The Most Expensive House For Sale In Texas Right Now

The most expensive house for sale in Texas right now is listed in Houston. And the home is absolutely amazing. In fact, it is more like a modern enchanting castle. It's been called The Lodge at Hunters Creek. The 22,000 sq. ft. home sits on 9 acres of land and has 8 bedrooms and 12 baths. It comes with a guard house, a two bedroom guest lodge, two pools, a flex court, outdoor kitchen, glass elevator, and so much more. Check out the pictures below. It's home you have to see. And it could be yours for $65 million dollars. For more information on the listing, contact Billy Dolan at 214-369-6000


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