The Marfa Lights have been a West Texas phenomenon for many years. It seems to be unclear as to when the first sighting occurred. Some say the 19th century while others claim it first was recorded way back in the 1600s.

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Nearly all accounts follow similar recollections: there were orbs of light that seemed to dance and play in the night sky above Mitchell Flat near Marfa, TX, these lights flicker and fuse together as they shoot back and forth across the sky, and there are no explanations as to how they appear.

Some claim that their interactions with these lights were more than just viewing from a distance. They say the lights would float towards them very fast and stop just ahead before flying back or even exploding into millions of smaller lights and vanishing.

Sceptics would say that these are just car or airplane lights, ignoring the fact that these have been spotted in the same area for hundreds of years.

Another account from a ranch hand in the late 19th century figured they were lights from campfires of native Americans traveling the plains, but never found any ashes to back the claim.

To this day, some scientists speculate that there are pockets of gas that are igniting around the area causing bursts of fire, while others say there are electrically charged rocks under the surface that produce such flashy reactions.

Whatever theory you choose to believe, the truth remains the same. Since the first spotting, there has not been one proven piece of evidence explaining the true cause of the Marfa Lights.

Whether it's restless spirits, alien sightings or magnetic rocks, one thing is certain: the Marfa Lights sure do draw attention to their neck of the woods in West Texas.

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