A Lubbock man accused of kidnapping a woman in 2020 has been sentenced to prison time. 29-year-old Dominnic Fisher was arrested back in October of 2020 after a woman he was in a romantic relationship with told police he had kidnapped her.

The female victim told officers with the Lubbock Police Department that she initially got into an argument with Fisher after he showed up to her work asking continuously when she would be off. Once the victim got off work she got a ride home from a friend while Fisher followed them and attempted to hit the vehicle with his own.

KAMC news reports that it was during this incident that an altercation ensued between the victim and suspect when a red vehicle approached the scene. The people in that vehicle demanded that Fisher grab the victim, which he did with both hands by the neck and then threw her in the vehicle against her will. After driving for some time the victim was eventually able to get away from Fisher and seek help.

Fisher was arrested a year later in September of 2021 but it wasn't until recently that he was finally sentenced. Dominnic Fisher pleaded guilty to the charge of Aggravated Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon and will now face 12 years in prison. Fisher has served over 300 days in the Lubbock County Detention Center and will receive credit towards his jail sentence for time already served.

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