Texas is known for a few things such as tumbleweeds and cowboys but also for doing everything bigger and better, that includes barbecue. The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is celebrating the 23rd annual Hub City BBQ Cookoff later this Fall. This event, presented by the West Texas Land Guys, will have over 90 teams competing in different categories to be the best.

The best what exactly? Well the best at grilling their specific type of food item such as brisket, pork ribs, beans, and dessert. Those are not the only categories as there is a bloody mary category and mystery challenge for those grill masters that think they can handle anything the meat gods throw at them. To enter your team you can head on over to the main entry form website where you enter to be a competing team or non-competing team but both do cost $250 for entry.

With that entry you will get a 10 foot by 20 foot space along with five wristbands, a welcome bag, and of course the meat, or item, you will be cooking. Each space must provide enough food sample to feed 250 attendees but if they are wanting extra space to serve more food they can purchase another space for $100.

The Hub City BBQ Cookoff will be on October 5, 2023 at the South Plains Fair Grounds. After the competition portion of this event has been completed is when the gates will open and attendees can sample plenty of great food and enjoy some live music. Tickets for this event are not on sale yet but you can stay up to date for when they go live by checking their social media page.

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