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Senator Ted Cruz has already made it very clear he is running for re-election to serve a third term in the United States Senate. But that doesn't mean he is closing the door on the White House. Not even for 2024.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Cruz is taking a wait and see approach to a second campaign for the Presidency. In other words, for Cruz, is waiting to see how the Republican primary turns and if either Trump or DeSantis are on shaky ground.

As was pointed out in the Dallas Morning News, Cruz can appear twice on the ballot if it comes to that.

So Cruz will run for Senate while eagerly watching how the presidential race unfolds. If Trump or DeSantis tanks for any reason, he’ll likely emerge as a candidate. Having run for president in 2016, he’ll be able to activate a nationwide organization much quicker than a first-time candidate.

Cruz could also be running-mate material for a GOP presidential nominee. Texas law also allows a candidate to run for vice president and Senate at the same time. The so-called LBJ rule allowed then-Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson to run on a national ticket with John F. Kennedy while hedging his bet by running for reelection to the Senate. Lloyd Bentsen did the same thing in the 1988 presidential election, running both with Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis and for reelection. Johnson won the vice presidency, Bentsen lost to Dan Quayle.

If we've learned anything about politics lately, it's to expect the unexpected, so who knows what 2024 will bring us.

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