Lubbock has finally made the top of the list for something good.

With graduation here a lot of people are looking to find where they are going to get their first job and home. According to ZipRecruiter, 83% of students were surveyed and say inflation and living costs are making them re-think their post-graduation plans — 1 in 3 say they're looking to move to a cheaper city after school.
SmartAsset analyzed the U.S. Census and MIT data to find the top metro areas for the class of 2023.
Researchers ranked metro areas based on three factors:

  • Jobs, measured by median earnings and the unemployment rate for college grads
  • Affordability, measured by MIT's living wage calculator that considers essential costs for one adult with no children
  • Fun, measured by the percentage of the population between 20 to 29 years old, and the number of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues per capita

According to the research,  the No. 1 best metro area for new grads in 2023 is the area surrounding Lubbock, Texas.


The research shows high across the board for jobs, affordability and fun, landing in the top 27 out of 188 for each sub-ranking.

"Other cities did great in one or two areas max, but Lubbock offers the whole package," DeJohn says. Its high placements across the board is "the best combination" and "unheard of compared to the rest of the places."

I think the research is right. I love living in Lubbock and I am in that 20s age group. 

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