This is a day long feared, but not totally unexpected. A day which will be long remembered as the day that nature took back West Texas.

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Glad I used up all of my Dutch Bros points before the world ended...whew!

Well, while Tumbleweeds are a fact of life here on the Dust Coast, it certainly seems like this past year has been one of the worst for these prickly buggers. To wit, we present Exhibit A, courtesy of The City of Wolfforth.

Yep, the Tumbleweeds are firmly in charge now. Keeping us from leaving our homes, and demanding reparations for years of dry weather.  We can't stop them, we can only hope to contain them. Turns out though, just like the Death Star...they may have a weakness. From Facebook:

A word of caution: tumbleweeds are extremely dry and flammable. DO NOT get any kind of a flame, match, lighter, torch, burner, spark, or anything that could start a fire near the piled up weeds, as this could result in a catastrophic fire. And do not try to drive your vehicle over piled up tumbleweeds either; your catalytic converter could start a fire.

Good news is, most people in Lubbock have already had their catalytic converters stolen, so that's not much of an issue.

But, tumbleweeds are like Frankenstein in that "Fire BAD". Although, I'm about ready to torch all of the tumbleweeds in my back alley. Right after I push them up against my neighbor's fence. I'm not real fond of those creepy kids anyway, and their Ring cameras are all pointed the other direction.  So, win-win.


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