The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are one of the most well-known and well-loved cultural icons in Texas.

The origin story of the cheerleaders is a hidden gem of sports history, and one may even be bold enough to say that if not for "them girls", the Cowboys might not be what they are today.

They've evolved into a figure for female empowerment (indeed, they frequently make appearances at events targeted towards women of all ages in the Dallas metroplex). Any young girl who desires to become a cheerleader now has the option to take any of the preparatory classes offered on their official website.

All of this to say that being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader is a big deal.

The experience is an impressive addition to any woman's resume, but can it help get that big break in Hollywood?

For some of the DCC alumni, the answer is yes.

LOOK: Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Who Made it to Hollywood

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are an iconic cultural figure in American pop culture. Most of the cheerleaders can put the experience on their resume but only a few have managed to break into Hollywood.

Below are several of the DCC alumni who you may have seen on the big and little screen.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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