Nothing like spending a few hundred dollars to enjoy a professional hockey game with the family, especially when you get the added enjoyment of some drunken redneck racism.

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Twitter user Matt Faulkner (@mattfaulker92), posted this video of an altercation over in Dallas at an NHL game between the Stars, and the Minnesota Wild.

(WARNING: the language in this video is DEFINATELY NSFW, and could trigger some viewers)

Apparently, the Great Mullet King seen above was annoying fans at the game, when he challenged another fan (in the black shirt) to a fight. When the unnamed man in black didn't respond, Joe Dirt decoded to sprinkle in a little racism for good measure.

"Awright, then. Stay the f--- up there. Dumbass (n-word)."

Yep. Marky Mullethead went to the N-word. Which prompted a (completely warranted) response.

Twitter User-@mattfaulkner92
Twitter User-@mattfaulkner92

Boom. A textbook haymaker.

Joe Dirt appeared to briefly lose consciousness, but then rebounded along with his equally trashbag girlfriend to trade blows with The Man In Black. Fans then jumped between the two, and security came in and escorted #14 out of the arena. No word on what happened with the Man in Black, but we can only hope he was awarded a medal, a new house, and front row seats for life.

You would think that Joe Dirt may have lost a few teeth after that punch, but something tells me he didn't have that many to begin with.

In all seriousness, there is NEVER any reason to use the N-word, even if you are a 4th grade dropout like the hillbilly above. He deserved to be put in the hospital over that in my opinion, but I also feel that as much as we try, we still need to do better in respect for our fellow man, and for all races, creeds, and cultures. Especially in a state where "have a blessed day" is not the exception.

Using that word, in any context, is never okay. Let's do better, Texas. Then, let's ship Mr. Deliverance across the state line to wherever he belongs.


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