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Dine and dash. Ever heard of it or know what it is? It's a criminal act in which an individual or group of people go to a restaurant, enjoy a good meal, and leave the restaurant without paying. Hence dine and dash.

Times are tough right now for everyone, not just individuals but businesses too thanks to inflation. It seems as if one Tyler, Texas restaurant is having an issue with this illegal practice and they are now fighting back against those who have stolen from them by posting their pictures on a dry-erase board in the lobby of the restaurant.

I was shocked and entertained at the same time when I saw these posted pics for everyone to see in the lobby of this Chinese food buffet hot spot. This was my first time at this particular restaurant so I had to get more details. After speaking with the shift manager he said it is a problem for them and it happens on a daily basis.

A form of public shaming.

The restaurant gets busy and people just walk out without paying. The manager said that after posting pictures from their surveillance cameras scattered throughout the restaurant, some people have returned to pay their bill and to have their pictures removed from the board in the lobby. This has only happened because a friend recognized them from the board and told them that their pic was on blast for everyone to see.

If you can't pay your bill, talk to restaurant management.

It's just advisable to communicate with the management of the establishment and to tell them about your situation. Often times they will work something out with you and that way you could escape some public humiliation and miss out on picking up a charge for a criminal record.

Legal consequences of dining and dashing.

You could pick up a Class A, B, or C misdemeanor charge depending on the total amount on the restaurant bill. Those charges come with fines and the possibility of a lengthy jail stay too. In addition, the restaurant could bring forth a civil case, and worst of all, you'll have a criminal record.

Just be a good human and pay your bills. I don't want to have to pay for your food as the restaurant raises prices to cover losses from those who dine and dash.

Texas Restaurant Gets Bold And Posts Pics Of Dine And Dashers

This Tyler, Texas Chinese food buffet is putting those who choose to dine and dash on notice that they know they didn't pay and the restaurant wants everyone to know, so they post the pics of those who choose to dine and dash.

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