Prison life should not be easy. Prison life should not be glorious. Prison life should be tough. There has to be a lesson learned. There needs to be some roughing it to turn your life around. There should be a deterrent to keep one from wanting to go back.

Such is prison life. One Texas prison makes sure that each and every prisoner feels the reality when they walk through the cell to face their punishment. So if you get sentenced at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas, just know it's going to be tough.

The Allan Polunsky Unit is No Walk in the Park

Just know that the Polunsky Unity is known as the worst prison in the whole USA. Everything is bigger and better in Texas except for this prison. In fact people who have served here have said that just the thought that they barely survived their time really is the best that they can expect. Ouch. Just to survive. It must really be one tough prison.

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The Polunsky Unity opened in 1993 and has been home to a lot of violent acts. This happening on both ends. There is violence from the guards and authorities and of course from inmate to inmate.

Since the Polunsky Unit is a maximum security and also houses death row they see some of the worst criminals. So bad criminals make for a bad prison. Not a surprise there are a lot of murders inside those walls. There are also reports of sexual acts and with the overcrowding issues that just brings on more problems.

Did I mention that this is a solitary prison? What does that mean? The prisoners spend 22 out of 24 hours in solitary confinement. They get two hours a day out of their single cell. They do not have any access to cell phones, television or even contact visits. On a good day they get to take a shower.

Prison life is supposed to be tough and this is the toughest. Many prisoners wave their appeals or even take their own life just to get out of these horrendous conditions.

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