Many folks plan a stop at this place during a summer road trip, but sadly it looks like it's going to be gone for good.

East Texas Pounded By Torrential Rain The Past Month

Pretty much the entire state of Texas has been dealing with above average rainfall the past month or so. East Texas without a doubt has been hit the hardest. Many towns in the portion of the state were flooded for days causing unprecedented amounts of damage. Sadly, that means some folks are having to close up their businesses and one of them is a popular drive thru safari.

Grapeland Safari Closing for Good

The popular drive thru safari that let's you go through feeding animals like zebras or camels along your journey has been deemed unsafe. The reason for this is the torrential rain that has hit the area the past month. The path that would take you through the safari has too many holes and many vehicles would not be able to make it all the way through. The petting zoo is remaining open now until June 24th and the gift shop has everything marked down 50%.

Official Statement from the Owners

We will wait and see what happens to animals that called this property home for many years. Many folks would visit this place on their way to Houston from Dallas. Grapeland is right in between the two and made it a perfect way to break up the trip. If you're interested in a drive thru safari experience in Texas, our state has bunch if you want to check one out.

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