I discovered a drink today called 'The Grand 210' and this thing is Texas sized.

Enjoy Wine? Make a Road Trip to San Antonio to Check This Place Out

So today I discovered a new wine bar that just opened up this year in San Antonio called Wine 210. Which I believe is named after the San Antonio area code (Which is 210). They just opened up at the begining of this year and they're going viral for a drink on their menu called 'The Grand 210'.

Check Out the Grand 210

So this Tik Tok above is going viral right now of this drink that everyone now wants to go try. That appears to be the biggest glass of sangria (I'm just guessing whats in the glass) that I have ever seen.

Looks Like It Was Introduced Back in June

The first ever video of 'The Grand 210' I could find was from back in June, but it looks like this latest Tik Tok has everyone wanting to plan a trip to go check this place out. Sadly I could not find a price for 'The Grand 210' on their menu. The wine bar appears to have typical wine prices, so hopefully 'The Grand 210' does not cost an arm and a leg.

Check Out Their Wine Flights

I love the names for all of their flights they offer on wine. In case you're unaware, a flight is four samples of different wines. At Wine 210 you have:

    • Sweet Child O'Wine - Sweet Wine Sample
    • Sip Me Baby One More Time - Red Wine Sample
    • Back That Glass Up - White Wine Sample
    • Treat Yo Self - Sangria Flight
So make your way down to San Antonio to Treat Yo Self at Wine 210. They're located at 6387 Babcock Road.

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