Shocking Video Shows Woman Laughing as She Hits Another Car in Dallas!

The video below shows a wild encounter where a woman, seemingly in a fit of road rage, rams her car into the vehicle of the person recording.

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We have no context as to what led up to this encounter.


The video opens on a busy highway in Dallas, Texas. A gray Dodge Charger appears to be attempting to merge onto the highway. The young lady driving the Charger looks at the car filming her and appears to intentionally swerve her vehicle towards it, coming within inches of a collision.  


Seemingly unsatisfied with barely missing the car, she speeds up, swerves slightly to the right to give herself more room, then swerves again, this time making contact.

This is where the situation gets a little unnerving. The young lady in the Charger sits there and laughs, apparently happy with her work. Both vehicles stay where they are for a moment, and then the aggressor speeds off again, exiting the highway.  


Check out the video below:

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