This year has been an interesting one for cemeteries in Texas...for whatever reason. For most of us, a cemetery is a place where people find their eternal rest. It is a solemn place that is treated with respect. This year we've seen "witches' graves" being explored, angry people trashing plots, and now something completely unexpected.

2023 Squeezes In One More Surprise At A Texas Cemetery

In case you missed it in the news, a shocking item was left behind at a cemetery recently. According to a social media post made by the Colin County Sheriff's Office in McKinney, Texas, deputies responded to a call about an item found at Scott Cemetery.

That item was a possible pipe bomb.

We've seen a lot regarding cemeteries this year, but a pipe bomb was not something I would have ever expected.

Why would anyone take a pipe bomb to a cemetery?!

Who Put A Pipe Bomb In A Texas Cemetery To Close Out 2023?

I did some digging to see if there was any announcement on a suspect, but I haven't seen anything yet. The good news is that authorities were able to get to the device, and a bomb squad was able to safely dispose of it.

According to the social media post, ATF is investigating and there doesn't seem to be any more potential danger to the public.

It's been a weird year for Texas cemeteries. At least this time nothing, and no one, was harmed. In 2024, let's commit to letting the sleeping lie in peace.

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