Weed prohibition makes no sense, and a new study puts another exclamation point on that sentiment.

So how do I know about your mee-maw? Well, let's just say that she fits a group showing a 75% increase in the use of marijuana. That's right, seniors are increasingly using marijuana to help deal with chronic pain, seizures, and a host of other problems.

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas
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We must assume at this point that our elected officials haven't noticed that the majority of Texans support legalization. All of this seems to fall on deaf ears in favor of catering to the "moral" minority in the state.

Taking it further, Texas farmers would benefit so much from marijuana crops right now that we could fight off an economic recession all by ourselves. It is absolutely ludicrous that this hasn't been put front and center in Texas politics.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
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I'm not going to let national politicians off the hook either. Americans as whole support legalization at a much higher rate than Texans. It's also my personal belief that having this prohibition lifted nationally is the only way that Texans will relent (oh, they'll file suit, and drag it through the courts while we continue to lose money, but still).

I had an elderly relative (in his 90s) who saw increased mobility and decreased pain through the use of marijuana products. I never actually saw him "high" or anything like that, because he was taking a dosage that allowed him to function. Fortunately, he lived in Oklahoma where it was easier for him to access what he needed.

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There will always be people who abuse marijuana. There are people who abuse paint. There are people who abuse their involvement in churches. We are letting the worst of us dictate how the best of us behave. If your granny is one of those seniors whose life is better because of marijuana, then it should be easily accessible and available.

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