Wikipedia can be really weird at times.

We all tend to think of Wikipedia as the gospel, even though we secretly know it's not. I have used it as a source to talk to a number of artists only to have them say, "that's not true" (or "accurate", or "where did you hear that?"). So let's get to what Wikipedia actually is, as in here's how Wikipedia defines Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration-Wikipedia

Wikipedia does require sources and verification and has some safeguards to keep things accurate. Now, let's pretend that everything is accurate, that doesn't mean it's important. I was reading the entry for "Texas" to see what I could learn about the state and it read like a somewhat dry, normal historical account of the state. Then, when I got to the "Culture" section, there was this:

 A popular food item, the breakfast burrito, draws from all three, having a soft flour tortilla wrapped around bacon and scrambled eggs or other hot, cooked fillings.-Wikipedia

Seriously, isn't that weird and random? You can see it in the context of the article here, but that doesn't mean that it makes contextual sense. You can learn about our statehood, NASA, population & demographics, then it explains breakfast burritos. I still can't figure out if this is serious, a prank, or an entry paid for by the big "Breakfast Burrito Lobby".  Then there's the whole fact that breakfast burritos were invented in New Mexico, not Texas.

I too think that breakfast burritos are pretty dang important, but I kind of think Texas would still be Texas if there were no breakfast burritos, or if we decided we liked waffles better. Still, I can't wait for the license plates that say "Texas" on top, then "Home Of The Breakfast Burrito" on the bottom.

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