Cats are the best! They purr so sweetly, cuddle up on you when you are sad, and they do that cute little loaf thing on the end of your bed that makes you squeal with delight and grab your phone to take a quick picture that you'll inevitably send to someone that finds it much less exciting. They rule!

Oh! And, they also love to bring you little gifts from time to time to show how much they appreciate you. Sometimes, the gifts aren't exactly what you had in mind, which brings us to today's adorable video featuring a delicious present one Texas kitty brought home for her mom.

It was not well received, to say the least.

If you live in Texas, gifts such as these are just another day in your life. Check out the video below and see if you can relate:

The Cicadas are out in full force right now, and they seem to be top-notch catchin' and snackin' for dogs and cats. Haha. I think I'd rather my cat bring home one of them than a mouse that is still alive. Both are gross, but one seems more manageable than the other.

Here are some of the comments from the viral video:

"Indica is acting pretty sativa by catching that bigazz nightmare bug lol"

"she has her very own kazoo"

"Mother I brought you the screaming bug."

"Reason #174808 why I don’t let my cat outside"

"This happened to us yesterday. Only our cat brought it all the way in the house."

Has your pet ever brought something really strange home? Tell your story in the comments below this article, and keep scrolling for more silly Texas content below!

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