Do you like to hide up at the very top of the movie theater so you can eat the snacks you snuck inside and hit your vape? I know I can't be the only one. I'll always grab the seat in the top left corner, far away from everyone else so that I can get away with all kinds of dumb stuff I shouldn't be doing in a theater.

I know. I'm 34 and I need to grow up.

I also need to be especially careful, and so do you, because there just might be someone watching you while you're up there mackin' on your girlfriend in the dark theater...

Did you know most movie theaters have camera systems pointed at the audience? I honestly had no idea until I came across a TikTok this morning. Check it out below, and then feel embarrassed with me for your terrible behavior.

The cameras are honestly probably just there for your safety. I mean, if they wanted to come snatch me up and kick me out of a theater, they could have done it countless times by now. They probably aren't that interested in the Subway sandwich you have hiding up your sleeve.

Here's what TikTok users had to say about it in the comments on the video:

"The cinema employees watching me pull a full course meal out of my purse..."

"As someone that works at a Cinema, this is true."

"Nah because last time I was at the cinema, a couple was making suspicious noises right behind me. Now I only sit in the furthest row."

"Well someone enjoyed a good show then."

Just some food for thought, friends. Watch out the next time you decide to have a make-out sesh in the theater. Someone might be enjoying it from afar...

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