The biggest Texas Roadhouse in the world opened up in Lubbock recently and it's still just as packed each night as it was on the first day. The food there is so good, especially those rolls. My god! I could pretty much eat there every single day and not get tired of it, but my wallet just wouldn't be able to handle all of that.

If you're on a budget, you might be avoiding checking out the new restaurant. Luckily, someone posted a great hack that gives you a ton of food and rolls for only $8. Check out her video below and see just how big the portion sizes are.

All of that for 8 bucks!? It may seem crazy, but ordering from the kid's menu is way better than it sounds.

I always have extra food when I order from the regular menu, or sometimes, I just end up cramming it all in my face and feeling sick later. Ordering from the kid's menu is way more friendly for your tummy and for your wallet. That salad is huge, the mac and cheese looks really great, and she even got a bag of rolls. That's a fantastic deal, and it's seriously more than enough food.

I'm definitely going to be testing it out the next time I go there for dinner. I love saving money, and I love Texas Roadhouse, so this is a surefire way to be able to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. Let me know if you try it!

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