A tornado hit the Bayton, Pasadena, and Deer Park areas of Texas yesterday, January 24th, 2022. Hundreds of people have been sharing videos from their terrifying experiences on TikTok. It seems like a new one pops up every couple of minutes with a different point of view of the destruction. Houston is not having a good time right now.

The weather in Texas has been quite odd lately. Haboobs, dirt storms, snow and ice, tornados. What's next? We have really been going through the motions.

One of the most viral videos was shared by The Houston Chronicle. It's been viewed over a million times and is rather devastating. You can find it below, along with several others.

Another was shared by a driver trapped in their vehicle during the storm. It must have been absolutely horrifying. Luckily, it looks like they made it out okay.

Another shows just how much destruction happened in Deer Park. There is a whole lot out there to clean up right now.

It's pretty awful. I know there are lots of people going through a very hard time right now as a result of this tornado. If you would like to help the victims of this devastating storm, please head over to Direct Relief for several different ways that you can assist. Whether it's time, money, canned goods, warm blankets, clothes, a couch to sleep on, or a little bit of everything, the Houston area is going to need a lot of help after this tragic incident.

Don't forget. We are only a hop, skip, and jump away from them over here in Lubbock. If you have the means to help, please click this Direct Relief link and see what you can do.

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