If you live in Texas, there's a decent chance you live near and shop at Target.

Texas has 168 locations of the retailer, second only to California in store locations. There are 1897 Targets nationwide.


What's Changing With Target?

Beginning July 15, 2024, Target will no longer accept personal checks as payment at their stores. A representative of Target cited the "extremely low volumes" of people using personal checks as the reason the payment will no longer be accepted.

It makes sense that the retailer would drop the payment form, as checks require their own systems to verify funds. Why pay for an entire system if no one is utilizing it?

Additionally, we all know that checks tend to hold up lines if the user manually fills them out.

Checks are also easy targets for fraud, as they have plenty of personal information on them- including your name, address, routing number, and account number. For that reason, you probably shouldn't carry checks on your person.

How Can You Pay At Target?

Target accepts many other payment forms including cash, debit/credit cards, Target Circle Cards, digital wallets (very handy when you forgot your wallet but have your phone), SNAP/ EBT, and buy now/ pay later services.

You can also shop and pay in advance on the Target app and pick your items up at the service desk or have them delivered to your car in most locations.

Are Checks Dying?

Check use is plummeting. 12 billion checks were written in 2021, down from 20.2 billion in 2015. That's a sharp decline, and I'm sure the trend is continuing.

As a Millenial Person™ I never use checks. I pay all my bills online and use a card or cash in stores. On the very rare occasion that I do need a "check" I opt for a money order or a cashier's check from my bank.

Enjoy your next Target trip, but if it's after July 15th, leave the checkbook at home.

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