Denison, Texas is a relatively small Texas town situated only one mile from the border with Oklahoma. The unveiling of a new statue to celebrate the opening of a building should be a mundane topic, but a Facebook post put online by Denison Chamber has sparked a ton of controversy. Here's a small sample of the comments:

"Sorry but it just doesn't make sense and to be honest, looks ignorant. Denison leadership the last 5 years has REALLY taken a dive."
"Can the citizens petition to have this hideous thing removed?"
"This has to be a joke. Maybe it’s just for Halloween."
WOOF. The statue that has so many people up in arms is called "Selfie Girl" by artist Jake Dobscha. This is the statue before it was unveiled.
Denison Chamber on Facebook
Denison Chamber on Facebook

And here it is in all its, umm, glory:

Denison Chamber
Denison Chamber

Art is subjective. Personally, I don't mind the carved limestone so much, but I find the pedestal on which it stands to be totally obnoxious. The font is killing me, I hate how enormous it is, and is that a granite bottom with a limestone top?  Why does the title of a piece need to be so heavy-handed in its presentation? Perhaps I'm just a snob.

Regardless of the execution, many were left wondering about the subject matter. What does Selfie Girl have to do with historic downtown Denison?

Denison Chamber went on to clarify that the town of Denison did not pay for the statue:

Folks on Reddit were even less kind about the statue than on Facebook. Here are some of those comments:

"That statue is so repulsive that it could become a destination to take selfies with ironically." 

"I mean, the statue really is the perfect representation for the whole situation - narcissistic indulgence making them act totally oblivious to reality, and the whole thing looks ridiculous."

Time will tell if Selfie Girl finds her place in small-town Texas. At least she appears unbothered by the whole debacle.

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