Remember that one obnoxious kid in your class (or perhaps you were that obnoxious kid) who was an over-achiever and "busted the curve" for everyone? Well, that is here in Texas. We recently scored a perfect 100... at being terrible. We set the curve for bad driving. "Hot girls hit curbs," right?


According to Forbes, Texas has consistently high scores in the categories of bad driving they looked at, including:

• Driving While Drowsy

• Driving the Wrong Way/ Wrong Side of the Street

• Driving Drunk

• Driving Distracted

• Drivers That Looked At Phone Per Mile

• Number of Fatal Crashes per 100K drivers

Not only did we create the curve, but the 2nd worst is well behind us- Louisiana at a score of 89.32.

So what is going on here? I have a couple of hypotheses.

For one, Texas is an unusual mix of both very rural and very urban places. It's not too far of a drive outside any metropolitan areas before you reach vast stretches of ranch or farmland. Folks from smaller areas with less experience driving attempt to drive in more urban areas to their peril.

Second, Texas is just an enormous state. I think a larger pool of people tends to skew data, but perhaps I'm grasping at straws in an attempt to excuse my homeland's bad behavior.

Approximately 12 people die every single day on Texas roads, so this is clearly something we need to do our best to improve. As an individual driver, I do my best to drive defensively, calmly, and intelligently. And I never drive drunk, because an Uber is always cheaper than getting arrested or getting hurt.

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