Is there any breakfast quite as delicious as a fresh donut paired with a cold, creamy cup of milk? I don't think so. Even thinking about it is making my mouth water right now. Of course, the milk must be high-quality, so Gandy's milk is a great choice.

Gandy's, a farmer-owned dairy, started in Lubbock 100 years ago as Bell Dairy. The name changed to Gandy's in 1995 after the consolidation with their San Angelo dairy of the same name.

To celebrate a century of high-quality milk, Gandy's will host an event during which folks can get a milk and donut breakfast for FREE, in a quick, drive-through style event. Perfect for on the way to school and/or work., with edit, with edit

The event will be held this Thursday (September 14th) at Gandy's Dairy from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. FMX will also be on hand with some goodies as well.

Gandy's is a special business here in Lubbock. We live in a time of massive conglomerates and foreign entities "investing" in agriculture- which means they buy up massive tracts of land and put family farms out of business. Meanwhile, Gandy's milk comes from a  3rd generation family farm located right here in West Texas.

I believe strongly in supporting family farms and ranches. They tend to be better for the environment, and they are better for the end consumer who benefits from the existence of competition. We deserve to have a real choice when it comes to the foods we eat and drink. And I choose local whenever possible. Gandy's makes it easy- it's available all over West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

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