It's a little tasteless and tone-deaf to refer to someone else's lived reality as "your worst nightmare," but I do have an irrational fear of ever being unhoused.

With so many folks living paycheck-to-paycheck, hundreds of Lubbockites are likely one disaster away from losing the human necessity of safe shelter. Not everyone has a family to fall back on and not everyone is immediately employable. And it is certainly not my place to judge anyone or make assumptions about their past or lifestyle.

Unless you are a billionaire, there's likely not a whole lot you can do as an individual to solve this problem. However, what we can do is band together to mitigate the worst effects of homelessness. We can support organizations doing the hard work and helping folks right where they are- on the streets of Lubbock, Texas. Organizations like Haircuts & Hope.

Haircuts And Hope on Facebook
Haircuts And Hope on Facebook

Haircuts and Hope is a grassroots organization with a simple mission: to help the homeless of Lubbock. In addition to offering haircuts (which improve the hygiene, confidence, and employability of folks) they also offer items like backpacks, meals, and hygiene products. And this is where you can help Haircuts & Hope help the homeless.

Haircuts & Hope is looking for 75 gifts to pass out to their homeless friends. Some good examples of gifts for homeless folks are backpacks, socks, food and food for companion animals, gift cards, hygiene products, and rain gear, according to At this time of year, I imagine jackets and warm hats would be appreciated.

Haircuts & Hope is also looking to distribute a holiday meal with a treat like cookies or cupcakes, too. Everyone deserves a little joy at Christmas. If it is in your heart to help, contact Haircuts & Hope on the Facebook page, or at

This will be John Barber Romo 1 year anniversary and I can’t think of a better way to honor what he started.

I agree.

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