I recently ran across an interesting r/Lubbock thread in which the original poster posed the question:

What's a Lubbock "like hack" everyone should know?


And there are some fabulous answers, except "move" which is always an annoying and unhelpful response. But I digress.

There are some things long-term Lubbockites just know about living here, and the information could be incredibly useful to a newcomer.

Here is some of the best advice I found from the thread, and some advice of my own that I've thrown in for good measure.

Lubbock Life Hacks That All Newcomers Should Know

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

How Far Is Lubbock From Your Favorite Destinations

Gallery Credit: Nessmania

Eat Gluten-Free AND Good At These Lubbock Restaurants

Going gluten-free- out of medical need or personal preference, can seem daunting at first. After embarking on this journey with my significant other, we've found some excellent dining options that won't have you missing the gluten.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven


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