Believe me when I tell you that The Wing Shack's (5412 Slide) Hotter Than Hell Wing Challenge is just that: hotter than hell! It's so hot, that you can smell how spicy the wings are from across the room.

Last challenge I tasted the tiniest drop of the sauce, and it lit me up. The folks who took on the challenge were red-faced and sweating.

For a long time, no one could beat the Hotter Than Hell Challenge, until we had two winners at once! It was amazing to see those champions take home a nice prize- and plenty of bragging rights.

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Do you like it hot? Can you handle extreme heat? You could be the winner of Hotter Than Hell VI, which will be held this Saturday, March 2nd at 4 p.m!

From the Wing Shack event page:

We’ll have:
🍻 1 FREE BEER for each adult ALL DAY
🎤 Chad Hasty 2:00-4:00
💜 Renee Raven 3:00-5:00
🔥 Hotter than Hell Challenge 4:00
FREE to participate or spectate!

Again, the winner takes home a nice prize and lives in our hearts forever. Additionally, Wing Shack will offer a free beer with an entree purchase that day for adults 21+. Chad Hasty of KFYO will do a live broadcast from 2-4 and I'll be out there with FMX goodies from 3-5.

DON'T like it hot? Me neither. That's part of what makes spectating so fun. Wing Shack has a great variety of sauces that range from no heat to nuclear depending on your preference- and big, juicy wings in both boneless and bone-in.

See you Saturday at Wing Shack!

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