Texas has not been a longtime whiskey producer (at least not legally). The first stiller's permit for bourbon outside of Kentucky or Tennessee was granted to Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas- in 2006. I've been a high school graduate for longer than that.

This doesn't mean that Texas isn't developing exciting and exclusive whiskey, rye whiskey, and bourbon flavor profiles. In fact, our unique terroir* has contributed to distillation excellence and award-winning spirits.

*fancy word for the environmental factors that affect a crop


Texas distillers have sourced local ingredients like grains and Texas water (from rain to rivers) to make spirits as bold and captivating as our Lone Star State.

Here is a look at some of the best Texas whiskies available, and you don't have to take my word for it. Each of these distillers won awards at the 2024 Texas Whiskey Fest- you can be assured your fellow Texas whiskey enthusiasts enjoyed them.

Rich & Smooth: A Look At Texas Best Whiskey Brands

Although the "tradition" of Texas whiskey distillation doesn't go very deep into the past (at least legally) we still have an array of impressive and delicious micro-distilleries that are creating uniquely delicious Texas spirits.

Gallery Credit: Renee Raven

Texas Brand Mrs. Baird's Bread Company Ranch Is For Sale

The Baird Miller Creek Ranch, cherished and managed by the family behind a beloved Texas brand since 1951 has been listed for sale.

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Let The Current Take You Away In The 13 Texas Floatable Rivers

Texas is home to some amazing float-worthy rivers that will carry you downstream as you relax and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

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