If someone told you that the "Juice" was actually innocent of the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson you would probably tell them to have another drink. Well how about this: There's a documentary on the Investigation Discovery channel tonight about a guy who might just be the actual killer.

His name is Glen Rogers, and he has confessed to more than 70 people. Currently on death row in Florida awaiting execution for the murders of two women, Rogers has been linked to three other murders, and is a suspect in more than a dozen more. Two murders he has confessed to were those of Nicole and Ron.

Rogers was in fact working as a house painter in L.A. in 1994, the time of the murders and prior to the killings Rogers told family members that he had been partying with a woman named Nicole Brown Simpson. He also told them she was wealthy and he was going to, quote, "take her down."

In interviews with police, he was very familiar with the crime scene, and knew intimate details of how the murders were committed.  Details one would think that only the killer would know. But with all the TV court coverage I would say that I have intimate knowledge of the crime scene as I never missed a day of that circus.

So why did OJ run? The bronco chase and all that drama would not have been called for unless OJ knew Rogers. That's right. Rogers says that OJ hired him to steal back a $20,000 pair of earrings that O.J. had given her.  And he told Rogers to, quote, "kill the [witch]" if she got in the way.

The documentary is called "My Brother the Serial Killer".  It airs tomorrow night at 9:00 P.M. on ID.