When it comes down to it, break-ups and divorces always seem to be he said she said and the truth behind the split is never truly known.

So this guy records his wife slipping into Psycho mode: so there would be no confusion about why he is done with this marriage.

Check out this grown woman basically throwing a temper tantrum while she's riding in the passenger's seat of her truck. Why? Because her husband won't take her to the lake.

To be fair, it's kind of understandable that she was annoyed, because it was a Saturday and he was planning to get his tires rotated instead.

But she eventually launches into full-on psycho mode and starts screaming and kicking her legs in the air.

According to the husband who secretly recorded it and posted it on Reddit she regularly throws tantrums and he's sick of it.  So he's divorcing her and also filed a restraining order.

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