Ice-T is ready to do another album but hasn't gotten any beats to start it with. So he's asking all of his fans to send him their best beats, and nothing soft either.

First he tweeted "ATTENTION:  If you have instrument tracks you would like 2 submit to the new Ice T album 'The Hood Manual' send 'em to"

That apparently elicited some pretty weak responses, so he said to "PLEASE DON'T SEND ME ANY POP [S###]!!!!!  G Tracks ONLY!!! . . . OK, I'm getting a lot of SOFT TRACKS . . . please send that stuff to your favorite POP star!!! I'm [listening] to the tracks as they come in. I think I got ONE so far. I'm being EXTREMELY PICKY. Don't take it personal.  This may be the first album ever produced by TWITTER fans."

so if you have the beats he needs, you might be the next gangsta rap star with Ice-T.

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